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Jam Games

Mostly Ludum Dare, although there are a couple of other jams mixed in too. Downloadable games were made in C++ and either SFML or SDL, only windows binaries available sadly. All web-based games are written in pure javascript/html. 

Some older games are still missing from this list, but I'll add them eventually.

All games (code and assets) were made in 48-72 hours. 

NAMU (Ludum Dare 49)

Download (itch)

Theme: Unstable. I wasn't sure how much time I'd have for this jam, so I decided to focus on a really simple idea for this jam, and polish it up the best I could. I attempted a lo-fi hip hop song for the first time too. Ultimately it's a basic physics brick stacking game without anything special. Just for fun, I also recorded a timelapse which you can watch here:

Cursed Cursor (GMTK Game Jam 2020)

Download (itch)

Theme: Out of Control. The idea behind this game was to take control of the player's cursor away from them, as they try to navigate past levels with various obstacles. The cursor would sometimes have gravity-like acceleration to it, or it'd slip on ice and bounce around. Touching the red or pink areas resulted in death. I was happy with how this game turned out, despite its simplicity it was fun to make and play. The minimalistic sound effects worked out well.

Crusader Climber Quest 64 (Ludum Dare 34)

Download (itch)

Theme: Grow. Another collaboration with Kyle. This was inspired by our regular visits to the local climbing gym. There were only two buttons for controls, for grabbing with your left or right hand. The player movement turned out a little bit jank in the best way possible. This was our first 3D game jam, with Kyle doing most of the graphics heavy lifting doing the models and getting Ogre3D to work properly. I did the music, but the audio wouldn't be complete without Kyle's hilarious voice acting. He uploaded a full play-through of the game here:

I don't want to hear it (Ludum Dare 32)

Download (itch)

Theme: An Unconvential Weapon. Honestly, I just wanted to make another rhythm game as an excuse to compose some music. Most of the development time was dedicated to producing the three tracks. The fit to the theme was a bit of a stretch as a result, I think the idea was that you're using music/your headphones as a weapon against anxiety and fear. I was pleasantly surprised with the rating 1 Audio category. Unfortunately, the game a bit too difficult, so most players didn't get to hear all three songs. 

Bullet Beat (Ludum Dare 31)

Download (itch)

Theme: Entire Game on One Screen. The idea was to combine two game genres that I enjoy: Rhythm Games and Bullet Hell. It was sort of successful, although the end result turned out a bit too difficult for most players. I remember it being described by a friend as "trying to pat your head and rub your belly" at the same time. Movement was controlled by one hand, while the rhythm portion was controlled by the other, and each instrument in the song spawned a different type of enemy. I uploaded a full playthrough you can watch here:

Irden Core (Ludum Dare 30)

Download (itch)

Theme: Connected Worlds. I have fond childhood memories of playing Subspace Continuum, and Irden Core turned out to be my attempt at making a similar game. The engine featured solid netcode, and I remember thinking it was pretty fun once enough players joined in. You spawned on one of two teams, and tried to keep control of the titular Irden Core. Having control of the core siphoned energy from the core to your team's world, and once your world had enough energy you won. I've long since stopped hosting the server, but you can run a server yourself through the client. I ended up recording a fairly active game session you can watch here:

RAW (Ludum Dare 29)

Download (itch)

Theme: Beneath the Surface. A Nuke Nine team collaboration, with Keo doing the art, Kyle doing the music, and me on code. You play as an escaped research subject in a deep underground lab, with a goal of escaping. I think we were quite satisfied at the time to have finished this game, the audio, graphics, and gameplay were very polished. Having done a playthrough of this recently, I think it holds up as a short and fun little action game.

Irone (Global Game Jam 2014)

Download (itch)

Theme: We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are. Kyle did the music, I did the graphics, and Mark and Zach worked on the code. It's been a long time, but I think we weren't happy with the theme and decided to just ignore it, hah. It ended up being basically a Binding of Isaac-like roguelike game. There wasn't too much that stood up gameplay-wise, although we did implement boids-like flocking behavior for the enemies which was sort-of interesting. I think this might've been the last jam I did while still in college.

The Hallowed Orb (Ludum Dare 28)

Download (itch)

Theme: You Only Get One. I remember at the time I'd decided to try streaming my entire jam on Twitch, which turned out to be a pretty fun experience. I think the VODs are lost to time unfortunately, but it was cool to be able to bounce ideas off of people in chat and iterate with them as playtesters. The end result was a small action platformer arena survival game.

Chronodrive (Ludum Dare 27)

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Theme: Ten seconds. Another collaboration with Kyle. Our idea was a SHMUP where you control a ship that has a special 'Chronodrive' engine. The engine only had 10 seconds of fuel in it, but you could use its energy to rewind enemies or projectiles, teleport around, and telekinetically move enemies. 

Robot Story (Indie Speed Run 2013)

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Theme: Journalism. Keo did the art, and Kyle and I did the code. You played as a robotic journalist that could swap parts with enemies to gain new capabilities. I think we were pressed for time towards the end, which explains why there's no music.

Min (Ludum Dare 26)

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Theme: Minimalism. Keo did the art, and I did the code. You controlled a little kirby-esque creature that could float around, and blow bubbles to attack. We're proud of how this one turned out, although the controls were a bit janky. It wasn't explained anywhere, but you can press jump while in the air to encase yourself in a bubble, and then shoot downwards to fly upwards. 

Sodom & Gomorrah (Game Jolt Game Jam, March 2013)

Download (Game Jolt)

Theme: Chaos. Art by Keo, Kyle and I on code. The rare and strange RTS jam game, in this game you competed against other gods online to hoard natural resources as the world crumbled away. You could control the actions of the units in the world by using divine powers. You could create altars, smite non-believers, and push units around with force powers. 

The Two of Us (Ludum Dare 23)

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Theme: Tiny world. This was the first collab between Keo and me. The idea behind this one was that you're one of two brothers in a bedroom, playing make believe. You play the role of the hero, fighting against various villains from an evil mage, to a dragon, to a dark knight. It's a little bit rough around the edges, but I'm still proud of how much we accomplished given our lack of experience working together. 

Dark Isolation (Ludum Dare 22)


Theme: Alone. When I made this, I'd been playing a lot of Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup and wanted to try my hand at a similar type of game. A simple and short roguelike, made with the help of libtcod.

Mountain Break (Ludum Dare 21)

Theme: Escape. An escape platformer, featuring cellular-automata lava.

Save The Cats (Ludum Dare 20)

Theme: It's dangerous to go alone, take this! My first ever jam game. You had to mine underground and builder ladders to save the cats that have inexplicably gotten trapped underneath the earth. I was still a student at the time, and I wanted to make a game that practically implemented A* pathfinding.

Experiments and Unfinished Projects

Unnamed (Ludum Dare 37)

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Theme: One Room. Art by Keo, me on code.

Otaku Night Out (Ludum Dare 25)

Theme: You Are The Villain. Art by Keo, Kyle and I on code. Sadly unfinished, although we put a lot of good work into the engine which had some rich features. The level editor allowed for event scripting and dialogue editing, and the isometric graphics looked slick. Too much time was spent on enginedev though, and not enough on actual gameplay.

Entropy (Ludum Dare 24)

Theme: Evolution. Keo on art, Ben Thomas on music, me on code. An unfinished, experimental physics based game.